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11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Stories Views Have Suddenly Dropped

In case you have been keeping a close eye on your Instagram stories views count, you might have noticed that it is down from what it used to be. And if this has not happened just yet, then chances are that it will happen eventually. It is definitely a frustrating thing when you post a new story and see its views going down instead of going up.

But there’s a piece of good news! There are many tricks that can help you get more Instagram story views in the long run, regardless of whether they go up or down in the short term period. But why do these stories views go down? How can you make sure to prevent them from going down? And how can you increase your story views in general?

Well, the answer is simple: it depends on various factors. The more important question then becomes: what are these factors that impact Instagram story views? Here are just some of the things that have an effect on your story’s views count.

Top 11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Stories Views Have Suddenly Dropped

Top 11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Stories Views Have Suddenly Dropped

1. Your Instagram Followers May Have Deleted the App

It is no secret that stories are more popular than posts, which makes them more popular than ordinary photos and videos you upload on your profile. Given this advantage, there is a risk of overusing it if you post too many stories at once or post them too often. As annoying as it may be, even your Instagram followers do get tired of the constant flood of story updates they get from their favorite profiles.

Many people think that, because stories disappear after 24 hours, using them constantly does not affect Instagram engagement in any way. However, while some might not complain about seeing too many stories at once (especially given the fact that there is an option to skip while watching), others might get sick of it after a while. And if they are not careful enough to unsubscribe or just unfollow you altogether, then there is still another way to address their issue: deleting the app from the phone.

There is no question that this can be your biggest nightmare because your story views will definitely go down in such a situation! However, it is still a factor that needs to be taken into account, and you should keep it in mind when using Instagram stories.

2. Previous Story Views Were Bot Generated

Automated bots are one of the biggest dangers that Instagram influencers face these days. Many of them promise to increase engagement for your posts, but in reality, they will do nothing but increase your likes and views artificially (and even decrease them). Unfortunately, this also impacts story views because the bots make their way through them too.

Your Instagram stories views can be easily inflated by bots, and this is why they are so popular within the industry. But since you do not want to go with this option, try doing it yourself. The best way would be to ask your friends to watch your story as well as give you a Like on each post. This will make sure that your stories reach all of those who follow you and increase engagement for them.

3. Stale or Status Quo Content

If you want to increase your Instagram story views, then you need fresh material. This is one of the core problems many people face because they prefer posting only about what is going on with their lives and fail to show what they have been up to lately.

This has a negative impact on the stories you post because no one wants to see the same things again and again: neither for a week nor even for a day. This can be boring and annoying as well, and this is why it is crucial that you switch things up every now and then; otherwise, your followers might simply decide not to watch any more stories from you at all.

4. Neglecting Your Story Hashtags

If you want to get more Instagram story views, then this is one of the mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. Many people underestimate the power of hashtags and think that using them too much can actually harm their posts. But in reality, not using any at all has a far worse effect: your stories will be invisible to everyone else who uses the same hashtags.

So, next time you post a story on Instagram, make sure to add some relevant tags accompanying it (and do this even if you post only one photo). This way, users searching for such content will get where they wanted right away and see your story instantly.

5. Unengaging Content

You may think that you do not need to engage your audience because Instagram stories are there for your convenience. But it is also true that if you are engaging properly, then people will stay around longer and watch the story to its end.

This does not mean promoting yourself excessively or spamming others though! Instead, try asking questions to make them answer with a comment (similarly to what Bollywood stars do on Snapchat). This will encourage engagement for everyone who watches the story and increases the number of views you get in return.

6. Poor Timing Strategy

As a rule of thumb, you should not post stories at the same time every day because this can also have a negative impact on your likes and views. It will make you seem boring for sure!

On the contrary, Instagram is not only about being active with your followers but also getting in touch with new people as well. Consequently, posting at different times each day will help you increase the number of Instagram story views since you will be reaching out to two different target audiences.

7. Lack of Reciprocation

If you want to increase your Instagram story views, then you need to play the reciprocation game properly. Many people post stories and do nothing in return: neither like nor comment on other posts.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that influencers make when it comes to gaining popularity for their own content. Even if they get a significant number of followers, they will not be able to become popular unless they use reciprocity as well. So next time you post a story, make sure to Like and/or comment on some other posts as well!

8. Canceled Culture

People are less inclined to interact with you if they realize that you will not be interacting back. So make sure to answer every single question and follow up on every single story liking request to get your name out there and bring more Instagram story views in the future.

9. Instagram Algorithm May Have Changed

First of all, here is what you need to know about the Instagram algorithm: it decides which posts show up first in people’s feeds depending on various factors such as the size of their following or how often they use Instagram. So if someone can update their profile more often than others, then this will increase the odds of their posts showing up first in other people’s feeds.

10. You Are Posting Too Many Stories at Once

If possible, try to keep your stories for Instagram limited to three only. This is because if you bombard people with too many posts at once, then they will lose interest in you and even resort to unfollowing you.

11. Stories Are Too Short

Just like with regular posts, failing to provide enough information can affect your views. Since stories are only there for 15 seconds, try to keep them interesting enough to deserve at least two viewings in a row! This will allow you to increase the number of Instagram story views and even be featured in the news feed if people like what they see.

Tips to Increase Instagram Stories Views

1. Review Your Analytics

You need to keep an eye on your analytics in order to know how Instagram story views are affected by different kinds of posts. Some people use vertical videos while others go for the more conventional horizontal clips.

2. Keep It Short

On average, Instagram stories are watched until the end only when they do not exceed 15 seconds in length. So make sure that your videos follow this rule! Longer videos will be skipped, so try getting straight to the point instead of making it a drag.

3. Post Lots of Snaps

If you want more views on your stories, then consider posting lots of different snaps over time instead of keeping them short and sweet. You need to be careful with this strategy since it can also have a negative impact if people realize that you are only faking it.

4. Use Creative and Varying Content

People will lose interest in your stories if you do not provide them with enough entertainment. So make sure to use lots of different types of clips and try to be creative when it comes to showing new things.

5. Focus on Engagement

Stories for Instagram need engagement just as much as regular posts do, so try focusing on that once more. You can come up with fun questions that allow people to interact with each other while giving away freebies from time to time might also be a good idea! Just remember not to spam since this will have a negative effect instead of improving the situation.

6. Pin Your Best Snaps

Once you post a story, it will remain in the news feed for 24 hours before disappearing forever. So try to find out what your best clips are and pin them in order to keep them around for longer! This is one of the most popular tricks among influencers in any industry and allows them to increase Instagram story views at a much higher pace than usual.

7. Interact With Other People Regularly

Although this might seem like common sense already, make sure to interact with other people on Instagram regularly if you want more views on your stories! It does not have to be anything fancy since even leaving Likes on their posts can be enough from time to time. In fact, this approach has been used by many Instagram users for a long time already and has proven to be very efficient at increasing the number of views on stories.

8. Feature Other Users

If you want even more views on your stories, then consider featuring other users from time to time! This is a win-win situation since they get free promotion while you increase the number of views on your content. Just make sure that it is actually worth featuring such people and that you do not end up hurting anyone in the process.

9. Do Giveaways

This is an easy way to increase Instagram story views without requiring too much effort from your side! You just need to come up with a creative contest, choose some winners, and share their posts so more people can see them and follow your account as well. This approach has been used by many social media influencers for years now and works perfectly fine even today!

10. Post Consistently

You need to post regularly in order for people to follow you. If you do not do this, then your followers might get annoyed and stop following you altogether since they will not be able to keep up with everything that is going on! You can even try posting several times per day so the number of views on your Instagram stories goes up at an almost exponential rate.

11. Use Stickers

Stickers are a great way to grab people’s attention, so use them whenever you can. There are lots of stickers out there, so it should be easy for you to pick some that will match your content perfectly! Just try making sure that they do not overshadow the action on the video clip too much since this might have a negative effect instead of improving it.

12. Make an Outstanding Intro

People will only watch your stories if they find the opening appealing as well! This is why you need to make sure that your intro is amazing and attracts the maximum amount of attention possible before people start watching your video clips as well. Once more, just remember that going overboard with this approach can easily backfire on you since all brands want something unique and not generic.

13. Interact With the Right People

You need to interact with other people regularly in order to get more views on your Instagram stories because this will allow everyone involved to gain exposure which they might not otherwise have had before! This approach has been used by influencers in every industry for a long time now and works perfectly fine even when it comes to Instagram stories as well.

14. Post at the Right Time

Just like with many other things, the way you post on Instagram stories has a huge impact on how high or low your views are going to be! If you post during off-peak hours, then your views will go down since people might take a nap, work overtime, etc. However, posting during peak hours is something else entirely! This is how you can get more views on Instagram stories by keeping track of the best time to post according to social media experts who know this industry from the inside out. The most popular times vary from one country to another but they mostly remain pretty

15. Games and Quizzes

People love playing games and taking quizzes, so why not share them on your Instagram stories? This is a great way to attract more attention that will improve the number of views on your videos. Just make sure that you are actually good at making these quizzes! After all, you do not want to end up posting something that does not work as expected and makes people lose interest in what you have to offer.

16. Announce Limited Offers or Deals

If you have something interesting to offer, then it is definitely in your best interest to announce it on your Instagram stories. Just make sure that the announcement is actually worth sharing since people will not be interested in hearing about things they can find elsewhere or already have access to! This is how you can get more views on Instagram stories without having to do much except engage with your followers and advertise accordingly.

17. Add Relevant Hashtags & Locations

Hashtags are important if you want to get more views on your Instagram stories, especially since they act as short links that will direct people towards the content that matches their interests. You can even try adding location tags to obtain even better results because this is another thing that social media experts recommend for people who want to attract more attention! Just remember that including too many tags might have a negative effect so keep them under control at all times.

18. Run an Influencer Takeover  Campaign

People love knowing what other people are up to, especially if they are social influencers who have a huge following! So why not run an influencer takeover campaign? This is how you can get more views on Instagram stories by letting experienced people show off their skills. However, you need to make sure that the influencers are actually relevant to your brand. Also, do not let them take over your account for too long! Otherwise, you might lose followers who are only interested in the influencers and not you!

19. Cross-promote Stories from Your Feed

People who follow you on Instagram can easily see your stories, so if they like them enough, why not use the ones found in your feed to promote your other stories? Of course, you need to do this carefully since people will not be interested in everything you have to offer. If there is too much cross-promotion then people might get annoyed and start looking for other accounts that are not constantly trying to promote their stories. If you want to learn more about this technique then it is better to read the comments made by social media experts on how they optimize their blogs or Instagram accounts.

20. Leverage Polls & Voting

People are constantly looking for new ways to make their lives easier, so why not give them the chance to vote on which color you should use or what content should be shared next? This is a great way to make people feel like they are part of your team and appreciate what you have done for them! People love being treated with generosity, so this is a great way to get more views on your Instagram stories. You can even go further and create polls that do not have a single correct answer, such as “Which of the following outfits do you think I should wear?”

21. Ask Questions

It is a well-known fact that people love being asked their opinion, which is why you should try asking questions related to your niche! People will gladly answer because it means they get show off how smart or experienced they are. In some cases, answering the question might even provide them with useful information they did not have access to before! All you have to do is ask questions that people want answers to, such as “What do you think about [topic]?”

22. Countdown or Text Story

This is another technique that people use to promote their Instagram stories, especially if they are not interesting enough for them to continue watching without a little push. However, you should not do this too often since people might get annoyed and stop following your account altogether. So unless you want to lose followers then be careful with how many times you use this technique!

23. Tag Friends in Stories

It is very likely that your friends and family enjoy your content, so why not ask them to tag themselves in something they love? Tag the person in their favorite outfit or picture if it is appropriate, such as “Here I am wearing my awesome outfit! What do you think?” This is a great way to get more views on Instagram stories since people will start feeling sorry for the person who is not tagged.

24. Reply to Your Follower’s Stories

If you have a lot of people who follow your Instagram account, then they will surely appreciate being acknowledged! So why not reply to their stories? Not only will this make them feel special and loved, but it also creates a feeling of connection. People love knowing that their life matters or is seen by others! This is a great way to get more views on Instagram stories!

25. Ask for User-Generated Content (UGC)

This is a great technique that works best if you are promoting an item or service! Ask people to post pictures of themselves using something you sell, such as “How do I look wearing my new shoes?” Then, watch them flood your account with amazing content which they took on their own initiative! People will appreciate the fact that you asked for their help and they will most likely tag the brand in their posts without you having to ask.

26. Link to a Live Video, Event or Contest

The idea behind this strategy involves pointing your audience towards either a live video or event where they can participate, or something that you are holding! This way people will have no other choice but to check out your account since it becomes the only way for them to access the information they want. Furthermore, you can even hold contests where people have to like your Instagram story in order to participate!

27. Inform People of an Exclusive Deal in a Story First

If your store offers unique deals that are not available to anyone else, then you can tell people about it using an Instagram story! This way every person who views the picture will know that they would be getting something that nobody else has at a discounted price. Make sure you do this in moderation, otherwise people might feel like they are being spammed with your offers!

28. Feature Trending Topics in Your Story

If there is something that everyone is talking about at the moment, then you should definitely consider promoting it on your Instagram stories! You have to be very careful with how you do this because you could potentially offend or upset people. For example, mentioning the current political climate in a sentence might not sit well with everyone…

29. Record Shout Outs with Other Influencers

If you collaborate with other influencers then why not shout them out in a post?Record a video of yourself thanking the person for their time and tell your audience about it. People will appreciate knowing who is behind the content they see, especially if it means seeing their favorite Instagram stories again! This works well with collaborations too, which can help you save time and get more exposure!


There you have it!  These are 30 great ways to use stories on Instagram that can really help your account grow and stand out from the crowd. I recommend trying them all out in order to see what works best for you. Soon enough, you will be attracting new followers just by using your story effectively!

Just keep in mind that you do not need to use all of them at the same time. Start small and then expand as you go along. Remember that it is always better to grow your account organically than by using “cheap” tactics that are bound to fail!

Best of luck in growing your Instagram stories! Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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